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Apache Services, Inc. has experience working in high security facilities, areas that require daily safety audits, controlled workers’ dress and personal protective equipment and visible presence. We comply with all owner-defined safety requirements, employee site specific and industry safety certifications and the drug testing of our on-site personnel. We strive to always exceed our customers’ expectations of quality in our workmanship and service. It’s the dedication of each of our employees individual dedication to safety that provides the foundation for an accident free environment.

Apache Services, Inc. requires that all of their team members always wear the required personnel protective equipment for the tasks they are doing. Apache believes that through the proper use of PPE and increased awareness, our team members are safer. Although we of course encourage our employees to work efficiently and at a timely pace, safety is always the main concern. Any of our employees have the right to stop work at any job site when they observe or foresee a safety concern. At Apache…Safety always comes first.

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